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No IMC Club Meeting for March 2017
The IMC Club for EAA Chapter 100

The Events link gives information on our next EAA 100 Hangar Flying Event plus many other local flying events and fly-in links.

The Newsletter link provides monthly updates on all EAA 100 news items.

Tool Loan Policy are tools owned by the chapter or members and made available to builders

The Membership link provides information on joining our chapter as well as who our members are.

Our Member Biographies.  This is a work in progress and it needs your bio.  Please sent it to webmaster@eaa100.org

The About Us link gives background information about our chapter.

The Classified Ads link allows members to sell and anyone to buy aviation related parts to airplanes.

The Donated Items link provides a list of items that have been donated to the chapter.

The Leadership link lists the contacts for officers and other positions within the chapter.

Documents are the Chapter's By Laws, Articles of Incorporation and 501(c)(3) documents

Aviation Links takes you to another website with many useful  links for pilots.