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Upcoming Events

July 13th-16th Thursday-Sunday-- Ford Tri-Motor Tour Stop, Chapter 100 sponsored event.  Need volunteers. KRST.
July 15th Saturday -- Rushford Flight Breakfast.  Rushford, 55Y, 30 nm from RST or 45 from TOB, 
July 15th Saturday --  Flying Cloud Airport Flight Breakfast.  KFCM, 56 nm, 
July 16th Sunday -- Forest City Flight Breakfast. KFXY, 58 nm.
July 24-30th -- AirVenture.  185 nm to Oshkosh
August 13th Sunday -- Chapter picnic and Fly In.  Eat at noon.  The food will be catered.  KTOB, 0 nm, Dodge Center, 
August 11-13th --  Doug Yost Aerobatic Challenge.  KSPW, 115 nm, Spencer, IA,  
September 9th Saturday -- Chapter Fly In ~0900.  KTOB, 0 nm, Dodge Center, 
September 23rd Saturday --  Young Eagles Rally.  KRST, 16 nm.  We will need all the help we can get.
September 23rd Saturday -- General Aviation Picnic/Party.  KRST, 16 nm, 

For a large list of local FLIGHT BREAKFASTS, See the EAA Chapter 54 listing at:  

Fun places to fly:  http://www.funplacestofly.com/fun-places-to-fly-by-zip-code.asp 

EAA's Ford Tri-Motor Event

As you’ve heard, the EAA Ford Tri-Motor is coming to RST July 13-16.  So we need volunteers for this event.  Please go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090c4ca8ab2da2fb6-ford and pick your volunteer date and time slot(s).  The more volunteers involved, the more fun these events are.   As of  Thursday July 6th the following slots are still short on volunteers:

Slots needing volunteers 0800-1130 1100-1430 1400-1730
Fri. July 14th 0 2 3
Sat. July 15th 0 1 3
Sun. July 16th 1 2 2

The link takes you to the “Sign Up Genius” website and you will need to sign in with your username and password.  If you have used this site before your old information will still work.  If not,  just make a new account. 

Please sign up soon so we will know how we are doing on volunteers.  This does not require volunteers to be only EAA members, so you can volunteer your friends and family too.


Chapter 100 Monthly Fly in
The Chapter 100 June Fly in will be Saturday the 10th, about 0900 at Dodge Center Airport (KTOB).  Please fly in if you can or drive in if you must, but join us for lots of hangar flying, rolls, coffee and juice.  

IMC Club Meetings
- Suspended until farther notice
IMC Club Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 1900-2000L in the conference room at the Rochester International Airport Terminal Building.  Weather cancellations will be announced here.   Please note these are advertised as a WINGS program with 20 seats available.  Please reserve a seat by going to FAASafety.gov and search for RST Seminars.   Parking is validated at the meeting making parking free.  More information is available here.


If you want to be a 2017 member of Chapter 100, please bring $10 for your yearly dues to the next meeting.  Also, download the membership profile form and bring it along


 EAA Chapter 100 Events:

May-October will be Saturday morning Fly-In events (Unless someone invites us to their shop/project).  We've scheduled the second Saturday each month starting about 0900.  Taxi or fly one of your airplanes to TOB for fun and flying.  All pilots are invited even if you don't belong to the chapter.  Rolls and coffee until we run out.

November-April will be Hangar flying events every 2nd Friday at 1900 unless otherwise noted in the black column on the right.

Chapter Activities Guide from HQ EAA

General Information

Anyone with an interest in aviation is welcome to attend the next EAA Chapter 100 Winter Hangar Flying Event or Summer Fly-In. Hangar Flying Events are for: training, presentations, socializing and just, plain old fun. They are (generally) every second Friday of the month at 1900L. We try to rotate locations among the various member projects.  Fly-Ins are summer events usually held at Dodge Center (KTOB) starting about 0900 on the second Saturday of each month.   Pilots are encouraged to bring or fly their airplanes to the event.  Then, we'll just have fun.  No airplane, no problem.  There just might be an opportunity for a ride or some other fun.

Dates and times are often adjusted a few times each year to schedule around major events, such as the annual AirVenture convention in Oshkosh, WI.

EAA Chapter 100 conducts the Business Meeting about 10 days prior to the Hangar Flying Events. We conduct our business at these meetings and save the Hangar Flying Events for fun and education. All current members of EAA Chapter 100 are invited to attend and participate in Business meetings. Business meetings are usually held at the Bears Den in Byron


2017 Chapter Hangar Flying Event Dates

Hangar Flying Events are usually conducted at the Dodge Center Airport, but may change month-to-month.  Hangar Flying Events have Summer and Winter Schedules.  The winter schedules are in the evenings and start the 2nd Friday in November.  The summer schedules are in the mornings and start the 2nd Saturday in May.

2017 Winter - 1900-2100L
February 10th
March 10th
April 14th
November 10th
December 8th

2017 Summer - 0900-1100L
May 13th
June 10th
July 8th
August 12th
September 9th
October 14th

2017 Chapter Business Meetings Dates

Business meetings are at the Bears Den in Byron. Schedules are based on every other month, the Tuesday of the week before the week of the meeting.   Members are encouraged to arrive about 1730-1800 to eat.  The business meeting will start at 1830.  Eating is not required, but it's a nice way to thank the Bears Den for the use of their room.

2017 Dates:.

January 10th
February 28th
May 2nd
June 30th
August 29th
October 31st


EVENTS Locator
EAA.org  Listing of Events

MN DOT listing of Aviation Events
IA DOT listing of Aviation Events